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Welcome, James.
Hi, I'm Tim. I'm the one who gave you such nifty advice pertaining the spotted skunk...People don't seem to realize that once upon a time, there was NO SUCH CREATURE as a DOMESTIC skunk(Mephitis mephitis) & that someone had to grab the first one from the wild to become domesticated. Also, the wilds of the world are forever shrinking as we speak...There are some species of animal that exists ONLY in captivity.
But, if you're concerned with LEGAL ramifications, you can always purchase an EXOTIC $pecies-Look-a-like the African zorilla(Ictonyx striatus); THAT should shut them ALL up!!! You could hardly have captured an AFRICAN beast from your back yard!?

"James A Overton, Sr." <james at> wrote: Thank you for the welcoming me to your email list on skunks; I suppose I
should take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is James A.
Overton, Sr., I am a PhD student in clinical psychology, a martial artist
"", and others) and since infancy
a great admirer of the weasel family – although I have recently come to
learn that skunks are now a family apart? I am the owner of a ferret – Ninja
– or should I say my youngest children own him and my fiancée and I are the
caregivers. We reside on the Mexican side of the San Diego/Tijuana border
where skunk ownership is legal, as are ferrets and virtually any animal one
could think of – and yes, most likely spotted skunks as well. I believe that
it is important for children to become acquainted with and come to love
animals of all sorts so that they come to respect nature and all things
coming from the earth. Coming to own and care for animals, especially
animals not typically domestic, is a way to retain contact with a nature
from which we are so far removed and alienated. In that spirit I am hoping
to someday welcome a skunk into our family.


Thank you again for your warm welcome,

James A. Overton, Sr.


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