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Mon Feb 19 07:56:29 PST 2007

Seeing that I am looking for the exact same creature,the eastern spotted skunk(Spilogale putorius) or the western spotted skunk(Spilogale gracilis) I cannot divulge my source until AFTER I purchase mine, which should be about June. And as far as them being on the "Threatened List", yes, some states do list them, but others don't... So, you're on your own on that score.Also, I'm after the ermine-so, again, you'll have wait til' I attain mine before I give up my source. But then again, people  "Legally" make pets out of "Endangered"rare exotic animals
such as the clouded leopard and the Madagascan fossa, so, there has to be "legal-loopholes" somewhere on the law books... Did you know that not ALL species of mongoose are illegal???
But of course, there are always NEGATIVE NAY-SAYERS out there who will discourage EVERYONE from obtaining a skunk, just so she can feel"special"...
Why such people are on this website is a mystery to me?...
"James A Overton, Sr." <james at> wrote: It has come to my attention that the skunk that I am looking for is probably
a spotted skunk. Do any of you have any information on spotted skunks as
pets? How about spotted skunk breeders? Are there any? I am looking to
become one myself so I could benefit from your assistance and support.

James A. Overton, Sr.

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