SK: Time for a little respect, please.

Louis Erickson wwonko at
Tue Feb 6 16:17:02 PST 2007

It's been a long time since I've had to step in and say anything on this 
list, and I admit I wasn't paying close attention to it on a day-by-day 
basis lately.  I'm sorry I let this slide, because it apparently needed 
some attention.

Today I got private e-mail from an unhappy member, who got me to come look 
at the recent messages, and I felt I had to say something.  Not only that, 
I discovered that several other people have unsubscribed from the list in 
the last two weeks.

This has clearly been caused by the recent spate of badly-worded and 
possibly accidentally inflammatory messages. While I very much like to see 
enthusiasm, rudeness and ignoring others simply because it does not suit 
you is not appropriate behavior here.

Please keep the discussion on a moderate tone, and be respectful of each 
other's views and information.

This is not a new suggestion on my part: <*> <!> <*>

<*> A particularly clear message.
<!> Note that this message is taking SkunkLady2 at to task for her 
posts to this same list.  I'm not protecting her here because she knows a 
great deal.  She's had her say because she moderated her tone and does not 
make every post a personal attack.

One part of the recent discussion involved discussing things that are 
illegal.  E-mail is generally a bad place to do this.  This mailing list 
is, in specific, a bad place to do this.  It has repeatedly had members of 
various state enforcement agencies reading it.  They are as welcome here 
as any other person and could provide much valuable information.

Again, this is not a new worry or issue:

I'm sure there are more examples of both of these messages in the 
archives, but I only have so much time to go looking.

When members (except for a few of the very longest subscribers who 
pre-date the message) subscribe, they get the following message:

> This is the skunks mailing list!
> This list is for the discussion of things pertaining to skunks, as pets 
> or otherwise.  People on this list have much experience, and advice to
> offer.
> For more information on skunks, please feel free to ask here, or look 
> for the soon-to-be-written skunk FAQ.
> Policy:
> No non-skunk-related advertising is permitted on this list, and any will
> result in permanent removal from the list.
> No message that is not somehow skunk-related is welcome on the list.  As
> long as it's vaguely related to skunks, it will be allowed, but if it 
> isn't you will be asked to end the discussion.  If you do not, or argue 
> about that, then you will probably be removed, depending somewhat on how 
> irritated the list administrator gets.
> Anyone may be asked to leave the list, or be in fact, removed, by the 
> list maintainer for any reason at any time.  Usually this is directly 
> related to deliberately causing arguments, fights, or "flame wars" on 
> the list.  Please be considerate of others, and there won't be any 
> problems.
> Louis W. Erickson is the list operator, and he reserves the right to
> refuse service to anyone, for any reason.
> All portions of this policy may be changed, at any time, without notice.
> By using the list, you agree to abide by the terms of this policy.
> Affiliation:
> This list is not affiliated with any club or organization, skunk-related
> or otherwise.  Any reference to "Jupiter Mining Corporation" is wholly
> humorous, as no such organization exists.
> Owning skunks is illegal in many states.  The operator of this list does
> not condone or reject this action.  There is no guarantee that other
> people on the list may or may not feel the same way, or that they may 
> not represent various state law enforcement agencies.  Please consider
> carefully before announcing that you own skunks in a state where this is
> illegal.  You are responsible for your own actions.
> Copyright:
> All messages posted to this list, it's digests, or it's archives are to
> be considered copyright by the poster of the message, unless otherwise
> noted in the message it's self.

None of my requests for civility should be a surprise.

Please return to a rational, civil discussion, or I will take steps to 
enforce this.

Thank you.

Louis Erickson - wwonko at -

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