SK: mc post on skunk's condition regarding the posted videos I previously sent

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> Permission to cross-post.
> THIS was Mary's own post on the horrible condition of this poor skunk. THIS 
> is what sent me over the edge.
>  Of course, this post has been deleted from the website just like the 
> opossum video but I was able to save it since it was sent to me by email. The skunk 
> video (  is still up at the 
> moment, so if you know how to save it, you better do it soon. I'm afraid I'm a 
> "computer doorknob" and lack the skills to do this. I appreciate how many of you 
> contacted me about these videos but I am not the person that can do anything 
> about this. 

Please send your emails to: > 
>  Nicole Carion
>  ncarion at
>  She is the one in charge of all the rehabbers in CA.
> MaryCummins (1 month ago) 
> Unfortunately, she was not playing. She got five times worse in half an 
> hour, biting herself and her cage viciously. It was really sad. She was doing 
> somersaults, biting her legs, tail, towel, everything, yelling, screaming for 
> mommy, defecating on herself, spraying. I knew she had problems when she first 
> arrived at our center. 

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