SK: new owner is this normal

SkunkLady2 at SkunkLady2 at
Mon Aug 27 16:46:02 PDT 2007

Skunks are nocturnal by Nature.  Weather changes (and we've got bunches of 
them, don't we?) can bring on sleep.  Boredom can bring on sleep.  Habit 
engenders more sleep.  Soooooo.......

Wake his little butt UP!!  Close doors to keep him away from his sleeping 
places.  Give him toys to entertain him.  Just like breaking a toddler of his 
afternoon nap so that he'll sleep at night.....get your skunk active during the 
daytime.  Let him learn that daytime is where Mom is.....where fun is and where 
occasional treats are!!

What diet is he on?  Is he current on monthly deworming?  Hopefully he has 
already been neutered?  Being their first WEATHER season change, he doesn't need 
to also battle his first HEAT season along with it!


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