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Hi, This is intended for all Skunk groups..... For many weeks now you have 
asked me to comment on this tragic situation. It has been even more painfull for 
us ,as we have monotored the mother skunk ( Frost) from the Camperlings 
Group, for three years. We also watched these babys begin thier short lives amoung 
the campers at Hueston Woods State Park. Only three weeks prior we filmed 
these little ones. As stated before we could not comment on certian aspects of 
this case because of our close afillation with the park management, law 
inforcement both Rangers and Ohio Wildlife officers.   The sentencing of the three 
youth in question is on September 12.       I will now break my silence in this 
particular area.   I wrote a letter to Judge Mike Powell of the Warren County 
Ohio Juvenile Court.  In my letter I wrote of my husband and myself dedication 
and affection for a animal that is very mis represented. I wrote of the many 
benefits to our inviorment that the skunks provide, and of its (live and let 
live attitude) to both animals and humanes. I told of the linage of skunk that 
has been domesticated by our Native American Indians and that survives today as 
companion animals. I told of the first Legislation to protect the skunk, which 
came out of the concerns of the Illinois (Hop) farmers, back in the 1800,s. 
If not for the skunk, the intire (Hop) crop would have been lost. In 
conclusion  I commented that this was a very sad incident for both the baby skunks as 
well as the three boys.  In our opinion we feel that the three youths should 
recieve punishment for thier cruel actions but also should be required to be 
placed into an educational program on skunks to learn about the animals they 
destroyed.  We will leave this issue for his discression and review.   Any ind
ependant comments from others, may be sent to the Honorable Judge Mike Powell, 
Warren County Common Pleas Court,  Probate-Juvenile Division  570 Justice, Lebanon 
Ohio 45035  Phone # 1-513-695-1160..............      Cody & Arnold 
Hildebrand.... Wild Brother Animal Behavior Study....

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