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Tue Aug 21 14:46:50 PDT 2007

Vamp and I have agreed to host and build a website to specifically track 
skunk medical data for vets. Submissions can be made to Vamp at 
skunkdata at or by fax 954-764-0497. If you prefer to mail it, email her privately. 
She will be collecting the information. Submissions can be made with or without 
owner and skunk names. If it is with, she will keep names confidential. 

This will be a long term project and will take years to get any kind of 
useful statistics. We are interested in any verifiable data that would help 
veterinarians treat skunks, necropsies, blood work or other data. I will upload the 
data as I receive it so people can view it. We are aiming for presenting the 
data in an objective manner so people can reach their own conclusions.

We welcome any help. Even speaking with your own vet to make them aware, 
posting links to the site when it is published, searching for relevant data, any 
help is appreciated. Also contacting veterinary colleges and ask about any 
studies they are doing and contacting vets who write articles about skunks for 
reprint rights.

We hope to make this useful for vets to learn more about skunks. If we can 
get them to write treatment plans that less experienced vets could use, we may 
reduce the death rate. 

Please cross post to reach anyone you think would be interested.

prosperityflows at 


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