SK: A Skunk is a Skunk is a Skunk...

TIMOTHY ECHOLS timleonyx at
Mon Apr 9 10:31:42 PDT 2007

My apologies  to Gertrude Stein& her roses...
  I may be wrong, but isn't this suppose to be a skunk lovers' website?
  And aren't we all suppose to be "skunk people"??
  Then, why all the hostility toward myself& others who choose to go "Spotted"(Spilogale putorius)???- I correctly presumed that my African zorilla wasn't welcome.
  Even if someone were to get a Hog-nosed skunk(Conepatus mesoleucus), I would not discourage them with nasty comments and ostracism.
  Personally, the Hog-nosed is not my cup of coffee. To me, they seem too big, cumbersome, and semi-reptilian(like a sloth trapped in a skunks' body)- Although I would "BEG" for pictures...
  Remember, the Dog&Cat people hate us because we're not Dog&Cat people-And so do the Reptile people(Never mind the fact that they are busy collecting the last poisonous Gila Monsters way out West!!!)
  C'mon, let's ALL unite to support"Skunkdom"???
  Be they Striped, Spotted, Hog-nosed, Hooded, or Albino!!!

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