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> How can I help in changing the laws?

Educate yourself fully about skunks and what IS true and what is NOT true.  
For example, of course all skunks don't have rabies.....rabies is fatal.....if 
all skunks have rabies.....ask your authorities where we keep getting baby 
skunks every Spring??  Dead skunks don't procreate!!  .....Skunks do NOT 'carry 
rabies for generations'.  There is no true carrier state for Rabies....check 
with the CDC and hear for yourself.  Skunks (and anything else) can 'carry' 
rabies from the time they begin to shed the virus after being bitten....until they 
die....which in skunks, 
is no more than 8 days, if I'm remembering correctly.  

Then go public with your interest....put out flyers with your name and phone 
number, contact your local TV, radio and newspapers; get the word out, find 
other people interested in fixing antiquated pet laws.  Keep a notebook and pen 
by your phone....when you get an interested call, take their name and number 
and keep in touch....once you have about 10 names, plan a get- together to 
brainstorm ideas...give each of THEM ammunition to go get MORE people 
involved.....find a politician willing to work with you.....Votes count!!......find 
politicians willing to sponsor a bill to change the law and legalize DOMESTIC SKUNKS 
FOR PETS......ALWAY, I stress ALWAYS, specify DOMESTIC SKUNKS.....wildlife 
belongs in the wild, NOT in our homes!!!  

Shelor Brumbeloe   
Skunks As Pets, Inc.
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OGod Bless The USA ~ United We StandO

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