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I don't believe they are legal in Co.

LISA LEVY <LLEVY05 at MSN.COM> wrote:  Hello,
I am moving from Phx Az to Denver CO, do you know if Skunks are Legal there ?
I Have been enjoying the emails!
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By the way.......Oct 7.....all skunk registrations will need to take place by 
11 AM due to the computer program so all can get up bright and early and get 
your skunks organized and numbers picked up.....We will close the computer 
registrations at 11 will begin promptly at noon.......we're going to 
work on a low stress level for all skunks. Providing the hotel allows us, we 
will get them to open the hall at 8 am for everyone to set up their 
Any other vendors? please contact me this week.......
Please crosspost this announcement to all lists
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