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Sat Sep 2 18:05:33 PDT 2006

By the way.....forgot to add......please crosspost this information on 
whatever lists you have access to.....we realize people from all over the country 
will be attending so we want them all to have this info....thanks.   

> Hi all.....had a wonderful chat with a vet today who I met at the ICE 
> conference.  Because of this Rhonda and I will require anyone who is in rehabbing, 
> has brought in a lot of skunks or other animals into their home or facility 
> in the past few years to bring with them their vet portfolio of each skunk, 
> negative test results for distemper or ADV and proof that all vaccinations are 
> current.  We've already asked everyone to bring with them their paperwork on 
> this year's vet visit but we need to remind ANYONE in the rehabbing business 
> to be well prepared.  We need to take as much precaution as possible for the 
> amount of people and skunks that will be present.  We also suggest that 
> everyone bring with them, hand cleaners, clorox wipes and make all effort to keep 
> your area as clean as possible.   We will be posting signs about handling 
> other's skunks only with their permission as well as other posts.   We will 
> take any precautions we feel are necessary for a successful show.   We cannot 
> allow any skunks in the show without the necessary verification of being 
> spayed, neutered and current on their vet visit.    I know everyone will appreciate 
> these precautions in the end.   Any questions, please email me privately. 
> Lynnda Butler
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