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Mine always used a corner. I used that habit and made a small litter box tha fit a corner and was able to travel with my skunk and always knew where he went. mine got used to going in the bathroom, so I always put the box in the bathroom everywhere we went.  If we were visiting freinds for a few hrs, I wouldn't bring the box and he would wait till we got home. If he couldn't wait, he always went in the bathroom so it was easy to clean up. He died years ago and I'd like to get another if you know anyone with kits. I'd like to get one with eyes closed so it will imprint on us. Ours  was freindly with everyone and i think it was because he imprinted on us.
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> Date: 2006/05/16 Tue PM 09:18:18 EDT
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> Subject: SK: Cutting corners
> We moved some months ago, but there is a corner in our room that our skunks 
> insist on using.  (They also use the litter boxes in other rooms.)  Has 
> anyone found a good way to keep skunks from using a corner, short of just 
> locking them out of the room?
> (I thought I was pretty clever when I left the vaccuum in that corner, but 
> they eventually got over the fear of the machine and started backing up 
> right to it.)
> -Wade 
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