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Tue Jul 25 12:22:33 PDT 2006

Do you have any idea how to get in touch with Tim in Orlando for an order 
for next season?I am in South Ga. and only a few hours away from him. 
Thanks. Mike Taylor

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>in response to your Question, it is a bit late in the season , but in 
>Orlando Tim (police officer)usually gets a box of Babies for people who 
>want them. He takes orders before and then orders that number. I'm sure 
>someone would have his number on the site..
>   I got my first Baby from him, then he found me my rescue Stanley for me 
>(My jewel) Your best bet would probably to get a Rescue.. Stanley was a 
>challange at first comming from a different home but he grew into a 
>wonderful cuddle bunny with lots of love.
>SkunkLady2 at wrote:
>   I personally know of no Florida breeders and can't imagine getting
>a long-term companion sight unseen through the Internet.
>I suggest Ruby Farms in Iowa as THE best breeder of healthy, beautiful,
>personable baby skunks.......IF they aren't already sold out.
>It's awfully late in the season.
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