SK: pet skunks in new jersey!

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I only knew of one breeder in NJ.  

The state wants to look like a good guy so they tell you you can own a
pet skunk but you have to buy it from a breeder within the state and
they know that there is either no breeder in the state or maybe just one
so they know there will be very few pet skunks sold in that state if any
at all.  This looks better for them than saying that you can't own a
skunk in that state.  What a crock, typical government bs.   Michigan is
same way and I think Alabama and there are probably more. 

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Thank you..but I think someone would have to be a lisenced breeder
somewhere in the state..Othwerwise finding a skunk as a pet would be
impossible for the state of new jersey since in Jersey you can only get
a skunk from a lisenced breeder. I am aware skunk season is over..but
most places have a year long waiting list anyway since skunk breedrs are
few and far. Thank you for your help though.

On 8/23/06, Skunks Rule! <skunksrule at> wrote:
> Oh, and they still had kits a few weeks ago, not sure if they still 
> have any left now.
> Linda
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> Hi, I live in New Jersey and have been wanting to get a pet skunk for 
> four years or so. I used to live in New York and skunks are not legal 
> pets there.
> Now that I am in a Skunk approved state I am having a very hard time 
> finding any pet skunk breeders or rescues in New Jersey. If anyone can

> help  with any information it would be greatly appreciated!!
> Thank You!
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