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I do not use Febreeze, or Swiffer, or most commercial cleaning items.  I know that most chemicals are bad for us much less our animals.  I also know that most of these products are manufactured by the companies that still employ animal testing, which I will not knowingly contribute to.  Febreeze is endorsed by the AHA - American Humane Association, which is just ridiculous because the company that owns Febreeze is Procter and Gamble and they are the biggest contributors to animal testing. Furthermore, even if certain cleaning items are supposedly pet-safe, they are speaking of your average domestic pet, I.E., dogs & cats - who I STILL wouldn't want breathing this in or licking off their paws!  Our pets, skunks, ferrets, & espec. birds & bunnies, etc. are far more susceptible to the poisons that are in these.  Your best bet is to try natural cleaners, vinegar, baking soda, or try to shop the natural or 'green' markets for healthier alternatives.  If you contribute to NAVS
 they will send you a book of companies that do and don't test, and the companies that make soaps and detergents that are cruelty free are also usually animal safe too!

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> The Febreeze myth has been debunked.

Sorry.....the debunking is bunk. I KNOW of animals it killed....
one was mine.

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