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Wed Aug 16 12:06:15 PDT 2006

I heard that Cheryl Royer's Obie died very recently.  I met Obie and wanted
to say a few words about him. He was a big lovable skunk.  He had some
problems with his back legs for the past few years so he had a unique way of
getting around which involved some pulling with the front feet and some
dragging of the back feet..  He had a favorite pile of blankets that he
could usually be found in but he always managed to get himself into the
kitchen at feeding time!

He was a friendly skunk.  In fact, he was SO friendly that a tiny kitten
adopted him last year and amused itself by riding around on Obie's tail.
Obie never seemed to mind the rider.  He just plodded along slowly.  I was
there one day and witnessed this unusual pair make their way into the
kitchen....Obie and his little friend riding on his tail.  You had to see it
for yourself.  It was either the funniest thing you'd ever seen or it was
the sweetest depending on how you looked at it.

Obie will be missed by everyone who knew him, I'm sure.  With all the skunks
that reside at the Royer household, Obie was definitely not one you would
forget.  I hope he has found a kitten to play with across the rainbow bridge
where he will be able to give better rides with his healthy back legs.

Obie was a special friend to ASRR also.  He gave his permission to be used
for the notecards that were recently printed. (You can see him in his Garth
Brooks outfit on the ASRR website at:   I just LOVE his nose!)

Anyway, I wanted to express my sympathy to Cheryl Royer who has lost a dear
friend.   Cheryl, you know I understand how painful your loss is.  You
helped me get through the loss of my Kodak by helping me find my darling
Sienna.  May the memories of Obie's love and laughter help you get through
the pain of his loss.  I know that he and Kodak are playing together while
they wait for us.
MAC  >>


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