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Wed Aug 16 12:06:15 PDT 2006

AOL'ers that will be SkunkWedding.  That should be easy to memorize.  This is 
what I prefer, but you can still share your ideas and gifts with the others 
on the lists.  Same with MAC = currym13 at  We sometimes are too 
quick with the delete key, but read all of our private mail regarding the 
upcoming book.

It is getting quite lengthy and will be an incredible buy at $20.00.  It's 
looking like it might be approx. 200 pages!!  There will be cute pictures, 
lots of my drawings, Doodles' poetry to Sienna, and an awesome book cover 
suitable for display.  Remember, the profits (if there ARE any) will be split 
three ways between ASRR, MAC and myself.  All monies will go to help skunks 
one way or the other.

We won't tell you what the actual wed site is until 2/14/00, the actual day 
of the Wedding.  From that day forward, feel free to sign the GUEST BOOK for 
each and every human and critter and character (yes, Pepe and Penelope will 
be making a guest appearance!!).

PLEASE help us by doing the following:

1.  Sign the Guest Book by signing in for yourself (skunk owner), and for 
each and every one of your skunks and other critters.

2.  Share with all of us what your wedding gift is.

3.  Tell us what you experienced at the wedding.  There's a lot that we 
didn't know was going on. 

All of this will help us finish up the book.  Your characters, gifts, and 
interesting experiences will be considered for the final book.  The book ends 
after the honeymoon and will be ready for the upcoming skunk shows.

We will donate one to ADSA-Fla for the auction.  This one will be autographed 
by not only MAC and myself, but by Sienna and Doodles!!  This one will be 
(I'd say that $40 is a good price for this one.)

So, Mary Kaye, now you know what our donation is.

SKUNKS will be donating an original handpainted T-shirt for the ASRR 
($40 is a good price for this T-shirt).

For any of you that would like to pre-pay for the book (to help offset the 
initial expenses to publish them), we will autograph your book for no extra 
charge.  These make wonderful Valentine's Day or any holiday gifts.  If you 
are attending the show, we will deliver them to you there.  (You will save on 
S/H)  If you purchase the book at the show, there will be no autographed 
books available.

You can make the money order out to SKUNKS and I will disburse the monies to 
MAC and ASRR.  I will be doing the final printing and assembly so orders will 
be shipped out from here.  S/H will be $3.20 for one book.  


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