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Wed Aug 16 12:06:15 PDT 2006

they're just living together."   (Noticing that Sienna is blushing again) 
"Well, dat's what it sez on the card. I didn't make it up."

Sienna opens the box and finds a set of Pepe Le Pew salt and pepper shakers.

Click here to see them:

Sienna: "These are just lovely. I know just where we'll put them. And 
Doodles, don't you even *think* about putting salt and pepper in these. 
These are keepsakes and we can't use them. I'd just die if they got broken. 
Thanks so much Artie and Emma. Doodles and I will be waiting for our 
invitation to your wedding!!"

Doodles: (Puzzled) "Hmmm, no salt and pepper in them, huh? Where DO we put 
the salt and pepper then??"

Jovan: (Mumbling to Weeble and Di-Li) "I guess we know who will be boss in 
this household...(tee hee)." (They snicker back.)

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