SK: post surgery what do I.........

Stacy Sims ivorytofu at
Wed Sep 14 10:19:53 PDT 2005

Hello everyone,
Thank you all so much for the answers I have received.  You will have to 
excuse me on a lot of things I ask, Murray is my very first skunk and though 
I have visited several web-sites I can't always remember everything I have 
read.  I want to make certain that I take good care of him and do the right 
things so please just bare with me on what I am certain will be silly 
questions to most of you.

Took Murray this morning to be neutered, have been very anxious this 
morning, his vet just called and he is doing fine.  Up walking around and I 
will be able to pick him up this evening.

Is there anything that I need to know or do during this post-surgical 



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