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ksollie ksollie at
Wed Sep 14 07:36:16 PDT 2005

Cheryl and all,
Good morning folks. Been a long time since I have been one here but I 
sure do read every  message that comes across my screen :)  I too used 
to give my skunks unprocessed honey both as a yummy treat and to get 
them started on something I knew they needed but would turn their little 
noses up at.  I would get mine straight out of the hive and give them 
the comb and all. (hope I spelled that right).  I would use very little 
of it and it seemed to work.  Having the super noses that skunks do, the 
little buggers would know whenever I brought a piece of honeycomb into 
the house :)  We have a bee keeper that uses some of our clover land for 
his hives every year and he still gives me chunks of it for my wild 
babies.  I don't know how many of you have seen a bee hive up close but 
he swears that two skunks, working together, can get the top off faster 
than the biggest coon.  This guy is a bit odd to other bee keepers 
because if he sees the critters trying to open his hives he will sit 
back and take pictures of them doing it. He says the skunks are his 
favorites because pound for pound they can get more done than a coon LOLL.
Have a great day all and, please, each of you give your skunks a big hug 
for me.  I miss mine so much and my guess is there will come a time when 
a new little one(domestic) will run our household, once again, with an 
iron paw as usual.
Before I stop I will ask a question that I have posted before.  One of 
my adult daughters has a year old male skunk that is fully intact--yup, 
fully armed as well.  No vet in the state would neuter or take out the 
scent glands on him because he was wild born.  By the time he was well 
enough to do either or even consider rehabbing him back to the wild he 
was fully humanized.  He is a love, but if any of you know of a 
place/person who could take him please let me know.  My daughter has had 
several job offers that would cause her to be forced to move to town she 
keeps turning them down because of a little striped love bug.  As many 
babies as I have worked with, it is my real opinion, that this guy 
cannot be trained to be wild again.  He was so tiny when she found him 
that his eyes were not open and she fed him on a bottle. When those eyes 
came open Kari(daughter) was Mom and her small dogs and cats were just a 
part of his litter.  If there is any help or ideas out there please let 
me know. I really don't know where to ask.  Silly Kari did try to get 
help from Game, Fish and Parks and naturally they said to kill him.  She 
does have a permit to care for him but it sure doesn't help her much. If 
there is no help to be found she has made up her mind to keep her low 
paying job so the skunk can continue to live out in the country.  Hmmm, 
guess she is my kid :)
Thanks guys,


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