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I nuke the Sweet potato long enough for it to turn dark orange.  Then I
cut it up in pieces and store in baggie.  I take a couple pieces and
spray them with I Can't Believe its Not Butter (this is for picky eaters
only.   I have also tried drizzling a tiny bit of Italian dressing on
them.  I will sometimes mis a little honey in the food to get them
eating it.  Some people don't like feeding honey as they have seen
skunks that reacted to honey, but I feed the unprocessed honey and have
never had a problem with it.

Cheryl r

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Are skunks normally picky eaters?  Murray seems to be picky.  There are
certain veggies and fruits that he likes to eat, I have tried adding new

ones in the the ones I know he will eat but most of the time he just
through them.  The vet we see told me he needed to eat sweet potatoes
and I 
have done the above, then tried just raw ones in his bowl with nothing
then tried lightly boiling them.  Nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I found some recipes on OOPS and
the Sticky Picky Skunk Delight, wouldn't touch it, looked up at me like
was a crazy person.  Glory makes a veggie casserole in the freezer
is it ok for me to try that?



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