SK: need advice on carpet digging skunks

Stacy Sims ivorytofu at
Tue Sep 13 14:59:24 PDT 2005

Hi, Keli
I just have one lil furry and sometimes he digs but we don't have carpet 
anywhere in the house, but he will dig at the baseboards sometimes.  I found 
this little skunk toy at petsmart with a squeaky in side, it is not suffed 
at all just he squeaky and it comes with an extra one.  He loves playing 
with this toy, trying to get to the squeaky so far he hasn't gotten to it 
yet but it keeps him very busy.
I bet having 2 of them together is a hoot and a very big handful all at the 
same time. I just love playing with Murray, so funny, I can just imagine 
what it is like to have 2.


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>Subject: SK: need advice on carpet digging skunks
>Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 12:29:49 -0700 (PDT)
>    My name is Keli and I have two small male skunks that are naughty.  
>They LOVE to dig up the carpet.  I bought them a cardboard cat scratcher 
>and they loved it for the first 30 minutes then lost interest and went back 
>to digging up the carpet.  Does anyone have any suggestions before I don't 
>have any carpeting left! Please help.  B_energetic at
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