SK: Thinking about getting.. Skunked?

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I agree with what you have said there because the vet I take Murray to told 
me the "carrier story" which prompted me to do extensive research on this 
subject.  This research led me to Jerry Dragoo, I am certain you have heard 
of him also known as the "Skunk Man".  Mr. Dragoo was kind enough to 
corrspond with me via email on this subject.  Mr. Dragoo states that while 
there is no true carrier state for rabies and that most animals including 
skunks come down with symptoms within 12 days of exposure, he has never seen 
a skunk go this long, the length he has observed is only 6 days in the wild 
skunks he studies, he did tell me that often when the mother skunks are 
denning together they will pass rabies on to the kits because there is such 
a large group of them together at once. I suppose this is where the tale 
comes from if people observed very young skunks with rabies.

I never ment to imply that there was a carrier state among skunks or any 
animals.  Unfortunately, a lot of people do believe this.

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>Check with the CDC....they will tell you that there is NO true carrier 
>for rabies.  Skunks cannot 'give you rabies generations down the line' 
>which we hear all too often, even from some vets!  GRRR
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