SK: Thinking about getting.. Skunked?

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Thu Nov 10 16:35:46 PST 2005

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b_energetic at writes:

> they LUV to dig up my carpet, 

When they dig in carpet, they smell something that has been spilled there and 
you thought was cleaned up thoroughly......their noses are about 100 times 
stronger than ours!  A sloppy PUDDLE of white vinegar poured where they dig and 
left to dry naturally will usually neutralize whatever odor is attracting 
them.  The other reason for
at a closed door!!!  SHAME SHAME SHAME......closed doors are to be OPEN and 
open doors are to be CLOSED!!  That's a skunk's rule  ; )

6 months and not neutered?  NOT very very careful....
mating season is beginning and they can get VERY nasty VERY fast.


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