SK: Thinking about getting.. Skunked?

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Wed Nov 9 06:21:30 PST 2005

Hi Jeff,

I am a new skunk owner, well Murray is about 6 m now.  Please read all of 
the information on as many sites as you can as they are wonderful pets but 
require an extreme amount of attention. Love, disapline, medical care, 
feeding and getting it right has been a challenge for me (you don't want the 
white to turn yellow), they require vitamin supplements, and by no means 
think you can keep them caged and get them out when ever you feel like it.  
They like to be with you and be held as long as the get the proper attention 
when very young.  I don't want to discourage you but as with any pet I truly 
believe that when you get one you make a Lifetime commitment to that animal. 
  I don't want to see any animal end up in a shelter or stuck in a cage.  It 
has taken a lot of time for Murray to learn not to bite so much and I am 
certain that having him neutered help a bunch.  I use an empty bathtub to 
disapline him, works wonderful and he is a wonderful baby.
He's a free bird (never been caged) and I am never certain to what I will 
wake up to in the mornings, he has learned to turn over the garbage can, and 
yesterday I woke up to him digging in a brand new bag of kitty liter.  He 
loved every minute of that and looked so cute, looked like he was digging 
for a prize at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box, but a mess for me to clean 
up in the end.
Before you do get Skunked look for a vet in your area that treats them and 
knows what they are doing, that was a challenge for me as well even though 
they are legal in GA I found one in Chattanooga, and finally found one much 
closer to where I live but Murray was the first skunk she has ever treated.

As for mixing with other pets we also have 4 dogs and 3 cats, Murray and a 
little mini Dashound are the only ones that play together, he doesn't care 
for the cats and they don't care much for him.  He really loves to bite 
their toes and they All hate that part.  But there are no fights or anything 
just not much interaction at all.

Sorry to sound so negative but so few people think about this when wanting 
any pet.  They do make wonderful pets.

Stacy Sims
Skunked in GA

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>Subject: Re: SK: Thinking about getting.. Skunked?
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>Thank you for the reply.. Looks like if I want a pet skunk, I have to find 
>one that has been breed in my state.. Anyone know any breeders in Alabama?
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>>Hello Jeff,
>>I have two skunks as pets. They are very entertaining to watch,  one is 
>>more friendlier than the the other, and will let me hold him.  I know that 
>>they can be very playful at times, but also like to sleep alot, as they 
>>are nocturnal animals.  However, you can break a skunks routine of staying 
>>up all night and sleeping all day unless of course that is your typical 
>>schedule.  I have found that $200.00 is the typical asking price for a 
>>black & white skunk that is already descented.  Mind you that you should 
>>also get them fixed, so you want to include this cost into your 
>>consideration on getting a skunk.  The website will 
>>give you a lot of detailed info about having one as a pet.  I love my 
>>little stinkies, but one down side is that they are very curious and get 
>>into everything- it's an eye opener to what children will be like.  Skunks 
>>instincts are to dig, and they LUV to dig up my carpet, and the tileing in 
>>the kitchen- I rent and I am sure my landlords will not
>>love me or them so much!!  If you are trying to find a breeder it depends 
>>in what state you live- as some states do not allow skunks to be sold or 
>>kept as pets.  I live in Pittsburgh, PA and can give you a name of a 
>>breeder.  I am also selling one of my skunks if you are still interested 
>>in having a skunk after you check out the website.  Email me: 
>>B_energetic at  I am selling him for &200.00.  He is about 6 months 
>>old and is not fixed yet.
>>Jeff Williams <tramsootru at> wrote:
>>Hello everyone-
>>This is my first post and I just joined the list..
>>My fiancee' and I have always enjoyed "out of the ordinary" pets.. I had 
>>been looking into the possibilites of getting a koala, however, that has 
>>turned into something that is obviously not within my powers..
>>So, I was speaking to a friend of mine about "odd" pets and he said "well, 
>>what about a skunk?" To which I thought - "A skunk?? Are they fun to play 
>>with?" As, that is one thing I require out of a pet.. Something that will 
>>play with me..
>>Anyhow, I've been doing a little bit of reading and one thing I have yet 
>>to find and it is something that will make or break this decision - is 
>>where are some reputable breeders and how much should I be looking at 
>>paying - initially - for a skunk?
>>I am interested to find a breeder and/or a vet.. I plan on locating local 
>>vets who will be willing to care for our skunk, however, I can go "some 
>>distance" to pick up a skunk from a reputable breeder..
>>I do have one other question - how do skunks mix with other pets? We 
>>currently have a cat.. Just wanted to make sure the two would get along..
>>Any advice would be appreciated..
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