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Keli Schoeffel b_energetic at
Tue Nov 8 19:51:34 PST 2005

Hello Jeff,
I have two skunks as pets. They are very entertaining to watch,  one is more friendlier than the the other, and will let me hold him.  I know that they can be very playful at times, but also like to sleep alot, as they are nocturnal animals.  However, you can break a skunks routine of staying up all night and sleeping all day unless of course that is your typical schedule.  I have found that $200.00 is the typical asking price for a black & white skunk that is already descented.  Mind you that you should also get them fixed, so you want to include this cost into your consideration on getting a skunk.  The website will give you a lot of detailed info about having one as a pet.  I love my little stinkies, but one down side is that they are very curious and get into everything- it's an eye opener to what children will be like.  Skunks instincts are to dig, and they LUV to dig up my carpet, and the tileing in the kitchen- I rent and I am sure my landlords will not
 love me or them so much!!  If you are trying to find a breeder it depends in what state you live- as some states do not allow skunks to be sold or kept as pets.  I live in Pittsburgh, PA and can give you a name of a breeder.  I am also selling one of my skunks if you are still interested in having a skunk after you check out the website.  Email me: B_energetic at  I am selling him for &200.00.  He is about 6 months old and is not fixed yet.

Jeff Williams <tramsootru at> wrote:
Hello everyone-

This is my first post and I just joined the list..

My fiancee' and I have always enjoyed "out of the ordinary" pets.. I had been looking into the possibilites of getting a koala, however, that has turned into something that is obviously not within my powers..

So, I was speaking to a friend of mine about "odd" pets and he said "well, what about a skunk?" To which I thought - "A skunk?? Are they fun to play with?" As, that is one thing I require out of a pet.. Something that will play with me..

Anyhow, I've been doing a little bit of reading and one thing I have yet to find and it is something that will make or break this decision - is where are some reputable breeders and how much should I be looking at paying - initially - for a skunk?

I am interested to find a breeder and/or a vet.. I plan on locating local vets who will be willing to care for our skunk, however, I can go "some distance" to pick up a skunk from a reputable breeder..

I do have one other question - how do skunks mix with other pets? We currently have a cat.. Just wanted to make sure the two would get along..

Any advice would be appreciated..


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