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We're in the Grand Rapids area.

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>Where are you in Michigan?
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>Hi All,
>I have a dilemma.
>I have found a baby skunk wandering in the road, we almost ran it over and
>stopped to check it out.
>It was by itself at night and no other skunks could be found.
>I estimate it to be about 4 weeks old, as it's teeth have barely started to
>come in, and it has no interest in solid food.
>When I found it, it had bugs in its eyes and the poor guy could barely open
>his eyes and it was cold and weak. We warmed it up and got it eating some
>milk and it's made great progress.
>He's been bumbling around quite happily and he's actually rather playful.
>For now I've been feeding it goats milk with a bit of pedialyte.
>I've raised a number of animals and have had success with this with
>Now, the problem.....
>I ive in MI and upon finding the skunk I had no idea of any of the
>complications surrounding keeping a skunk in the state. Apparently it is
>illegal to keep a wild skunk in MI and furthermore to keep a domestic one
>you need a permit. Also, I found out the rehab places won't even take in
>wild skunks, which I find to be strange? Are you supposed to just let it
>So I'm here with this incredibly cute animal with a hell of a personality
>that runs to my feet like I'm his mom. I'm conflicted because I don't know
>what to do with him? I don't know how successful of a candidate for
>reintroduction to the wild he is since he has no skunks to show him the
>ropes and he's also become quite comfortable with people and dependent for
>I'm bummed because I don't think I'll be able to keep him due to legality
>issues and vet issues and I won't be able to get him descented by a vet
>since it isn't legal to own him in the first place. I also worry about 
>able to reintroduce him into the wild.
>I would love to keep him around, and if I could keep him somehow, I'd like
>to make him a nice big habitat in the back yard and also allow him inside
>when he pleases.  This is not seeming like a possibility though.....
>So if anyone has any reasonable advice on what to do, please let me know.
>Feel free to contact me privately if you want.
>I know this may be a sensitive matter due to legal issues
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