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Please email me privately at lstoner at and we can
brainstorm a little.  We have an exotic animal sanctuary and have a wide
network of rehabbers, etc.  We may be able to find a way to have someone
work with him until he can be released.  I'm confident that there is no
legal way to keep him in captivity, but we can help him to have a happy life
in the wild.

Lisa Stoner
Peace River Refuge & Ranch 

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Hi All,
I have a dilemma.
I have found a baby skunk wandering in the road, we almost ran it over and 
stopped to check it out.
It was by itself at night and no other skunks could be found.
I estimate it to be about 4 weeks old, as it's teeth have barely started to 
come in, and it has no interest in solid food.

When I found it, it had bugs in its eyes and the poor guy could barely open 
his eyes and it was cold and weak. We warmed it up and got it eating some 
milk and it's made great progress.
He's been bumbling around quite happily and he's actually rather playful.

For now I've been feeding it goats milk with a bit of pedialyte.
I've raised a number of animals and have had success with this with 

Now, the problem.....
I ive in MI and upon finding the skunk I had no idea of any of the 
complications surrounding keeping a skunk in the state. Apparently it is 
illegal to keep a wild skunk in MI and furthermore to keep a domestic one 
you need a permit. Also, I found out the rehab places won't even take in 
wild skunks, which I find to be strange? Are you supposed to just let it 

So I'm here with this incredibly cute animal with a hell of a personality 
that runs to my feet like I'm his mom. I'm conflicted because I don't know 
what to do with him? I don't know how successful of a candidate for 
reintroduction to the wild he is since he has no skunks to show him the 
ropes and he's also become quite comfortable with people and dependent for 

I'm bummed because I don't think I'll be able to keep him due to legality 
issues and vet issues and I won't be able to get him descented by a vet 
since it isn't legal to own him in the first place. I also worry about being

able to reintroduce him into the wild.

I would love to keep him around, and if I could keep him somehow, I'd like 
to make him a nice big habitat in the back yard and also allow him inside 
when he pleases.  This is not seeming like a possibility though.....

So if anyone has any reasonable advice on what to do, please let me know.
Feel free to contact me privately if you want.
I know this may be a sensitive matter due to legal issues

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