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Fri Dec 16 10:57:01 PST 2005

Many "illegal" pets in california are granted permits because of the film 
industry.  Greg states all of his memberships and is known as an "animal 
wrangler" meaning that he is obtaining this pet to use in the film industry 
so gaining a permit is not very difficult under those conditions in 

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>Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 21:03:27 EST
>I'm thinking Greg Louganis had the persistence to pursue and  win 5? 
>medals in diving and my money says he just might pursue  a little stinky 
>same way! Go Greg go!
>Now could someone please bring some pregnant skunks to Alabama to give
>birth? I guess that's the only way my family will ever have the pet we so  
>Happy holidays everyone!
>Lori in Birmingham
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