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Keli Schoeffel b_energetic at
Tue Dec 13 15:42:00 PST 2005

Hi Greg,
     Thanks for your interest in my stinky baby.  I am guessing that you received the same email as I did in regards to California law of owning an exotic pet.  I am currently looking for a new a career, but not as a criminal, so you would need to find out how you can get a permit and what the legalities are of having them in a certain area of Ca.  I know in LA the laws are very strict about having exotic pets- ferrits and some other animals (particularly reptiles) are illegal.  Please let me know if you are still interested.  I will keep him as long as it takes to find him a good home, as I will not risk his life in order to get rid of him quickly.

Greg Louganis <greg at> wrote:
  Dear Keli,
My name is Greg Louganis and I have for the past 4 years have been
researching the care of Skunks. I met my first Skunk at a Large Dog Show in
Palm Springs, Ca. Granted I do live in Calif. Skunks aren't legal, but as a
member of all Acting Unions, Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA, and Actors Equity.
I have worked as Animal Wrangler on Commercials, T.V. and Film. I do Purely
Positive training and compete on a National Level for Dog Agility. My
passion has been to add a Skunk to the mix of our fun and mischievous house
hold. The current Family consists of; 2 Jack Russell Terriers who met there
first Skunk in Palm Springs a Border Collie and 2 Basenjis. I lost my last
Rat just a few months ago. I have researched the permit possibilities to
have a Skunk in Calif. All the Unions will require is a treatment for
commercial or film which will allow the permit. I also do a great deal of
work with The California Wildlife Foundation who gives critical care to
indigenous wildlife in the Malibu area where I live which includes Skunks.
The Vet on Staff Lisa is a supportive friend who would be more the happy to
be my contact Vet. For continued health care for the little one. I'm not
good at e-mail but I do read it maybe once a week, the best way to reach me
is by Phone 310-457-4812 Home or 213-200-8100 Cell. You may have heard my
name as an Olympic Athlete. You may want to visit my Web Page
greg at I will be willing to travel. I hope to hear from you
soon. Greg Louganis

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Hello skunk lovers

I have two young skunks, about 7 months old, both male, & black and
white. I am in need of finding a good home for one of them, as I am having
finacial difficulties and am unable to care for two of them as well as I
would like to. I am asking $175.00 for him, but is negotiable. He also
needs to be neutered. 

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and am looking for anyone who is
educated about having a skunk as a pet, lives within the U.S. excluding
Alaska and Hawaii, and can provide a good home for a little stinky. If you
r seriously interested please email me with any questions- but only if you
are serious about adopting a skunk, as I received over 40 calls previously
about adopting my skunk & most were strange, and a waste of my time. Please
email me at B_energetic at

Thank You

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