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Mary Kay,
Contact your State Board of Animal Health if you have not done so.  They
can be VERY helpful and they have a lot of power.
Cheryl r

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Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission is now in the process of trying to
help with the viral outbreak.  They tell me they have no quick, direct
means of reaching Florida skunk owners who've had sick babies this year
as well as the vets who have treated these skunks.  What they need ASAP
(hopefully within the next 48 hours) is a copy of any labwork that has
been done on your sick skunks, especially any test that was done for
distemper which yielded a positive result.  

If you live in Florida, and you or your vet has a copy of this kind of
labwork, please email me ASAP.  They would like to have a copy of the
test results faxed to them within the next couple of days to enable them
to move ahead with the next stage of their investigation.

I will provide you with the fax number and the name of the contact
person in Tallahassee who wishes to receive the information.  I'm sorry
that I'm not able to give out this information on a public list and am
instead asking you to email me privately.  Sadly, we've had problems in
the past with individuals calling and harrassing the authorities who
were trying to help us.  The skunks desperately need FL Fish & Game on
their side in order to win the battle over this virus.  Their very lives
depend on it!!

An additional problem that we are trying to prevent is the spread of
this virus into Florida's wild animal population.  Yesterday I was
informed by a veterinarian that certain diseases like distemper could
mean the end of the Florida panther, who is already dangerously close to
extinction level.

Mary Kaye Ashley
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