SK: Video of Boo and I on a local CBS news show

Mary Kaye Ashley mka at
Sat Aug 6 20:33:57 PDT 2005

My vet asked me to bring my skunk Boo over to her office for filming done by our local Tampa CBS affiliate for a segment called "The Wild Side."  They interviewed me and filmed Boo for 15 minutes but because of the number of critters, the skunk segment isn't very long.  What they did with Boo is pretty cute though as Dr. Lightfoot put him in the iso chamber to prepare him for his xrays.  You can see the news segment on line at the link below.  

To make the video appear in full screen on your monitor:  
While it's playing, right click on the video itself and go to the word Zoom on the menu.  
Click Full Screen on the menu (or whatever size you want it to play).

They're going to be doing some additional filming about skunks at my house sometime in the future.

Mary Kaye

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