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Sat Aug 6 10:09:09 PDT 2005

We have also used Susan Kelleher in the past (before we moved out of the
area) - she is wonderful with all exotics!

Lisa Stoner 

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Brenda and Shane -
 I live in the area of Ft. Laud./Pompano Beach and I have been taking my
skunkie (who's 5 now) to Dr. Susan Kelleher since day one.  She is a DVM who
treats only exotics and avian (she had lots of ferret and bunny patients.  I
wish I could take my cats to her, she loves my skunkie!  She is in Pompano
b/t Atlantic and Copans but very close to the turnpike if you are coming up
from Miami so it may not be too bad of a ride.  
If you'd like to check them out  they are at or
call 954-968-7171
I highly recommend her!
Jen Lowell

matlock1017 at wrote:
Mary Kaye,
Our vet just dropped us, he was very offended that we asked him about the 
tamiflu and that we questioned the temperature. He said that apparently we 
have more faith in others so maybe we should find someone else. Can you 
believe this? Tomorrow we will call Randy from All My Critters again, today 
is his day off, he does have some that he did not use. Maybe we can get it 
from him. We will find a Miami or Ft. Lauderdale vet. I cannot believe he 
would do this. So far she still only has the small temp so I'm keeping my 
fingers crossed.
Brenda and Shane Matlock
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Subject: SK: Quick note to everyone who has sent me emails

I have received many private emails and phone calls during the past couple 
of days in response to the post I did a couple days ago regarding the sick 
babies in FL.

Please know that I am working as quickly as I can and that all of you will 
soon receive a response. I've had a very busy couple of days talking to 
vets, pet stores, and skunk owners, as well as working with the rescue 

Mary Kaye

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