SK: What does a skunk smell like?

Lisa K. pitasmom at
Fri Sep 12 20:59:53 PDT 2003

I have a semi-outdoor cat and just this morning I noticed an awful smell
emitting from somewhere in my home but was too busy getting ready for work
and my son off to school to be able to track down the odor.  My day at
worked progressed as it usually does and I arrived back home to immediately
be reminded of the odor again since it was present outside my door and
became stronger as I entered my living room where I seen my kitty sleeping
on the couch where I'm sure she had spent most of her day.  I tried to
ascertain if the smell was coming from her and though my old legs couldn't
bend all the way down to where she had jumped to the floor, I was able to
pet her and then smell my hand which stunk.  But is it skunk that I'm
smelling?  What exactly does a skunk smell like?  I don't even know if there
are skunk in my fairly large suburban town from the City of Buffalo, New
York.  The smell does remind me of a terrible odor I came into contact with
just a few short weeks ago and that was of my neighbor's ferrets' cage which
was an inch or two deep of feces and urine and the animals themselves reeked
  As a matter of fact, that whole house reeked of pee.  Since this is a
skunk site, I expect that there are a lot of people who know how a skunk
smells and I would appreciate some feedback as soon as possible.  I've read
lots of articles on removing the skunk spray from the affected animal, but
how do I get it out of the fabric on my couch or on the mattress from my bed
IF this is skunk spray?  Febreze does not neutralize the odor.  Thank you
very much for any insight you can provide.

Lisa K. 
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