SK: Injured kid

Harshmans mingusboodle at
Mon Mar 31 17:47:40 PST 2003

Here's a new one for me.  Nutmeg (isn't there a general rule that there's
one kid who'll keep getting injured, and he'll keep getting injured while
the other kids are fine?) is missing a claw on her left hand (she's
left-handed).  Her hand is a little bloody, and there's a trail through
every room of our house that looks like a Family Circus cartoon.  She seems
to be okay, except that her hand seems a little tender when she walks.

Is her claw going to grow back?  We dipped her hand in flour to stop the
bleeding that was left, and we're going to clean it and try to bandage it if
she doesn't bite us too hard (she's a nipper).  I guess we'll just wait and


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