SK: Share-skunk breeders shut down in Canada

Thu Mar 27 08:32:11 PST 2003

In a message dated 3/26/03 3:50:10 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
tracelene at writes:

<< Are you certain that's true in all areas???
 There are about one-tenth the amount of wild skunks in this area--- 
 as compared to
 just ten years ago. >>

Of course not in all areas.  Just like we can't say that the skunk is the #1 
carrier of rabies.  In one county it could be the feral cat, in another the 
raccoon, in numerous others no rabies at all, in some areas, yes the skunk.  
They take the whole US or a whole state when deciding whether to add or 
subtract an animal from the endangered species list.

I DO believe that ALL animals are IN DANGER and should be treated equally, 
with emphasis on the endangered ones.  Also education of the facts is key.


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