SK: Wild skunks aren't endangered

Thu Mar 27 08:24:59 PST 2003

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 IMO It depends on how you look at it.  Number wise  right now they
 probably aren't.  HOWEVER we kill them by the thousands on the roadways,
 people build in their areas and more and more they try to exist around
 people.  The people are uninformed about skunks and would rather kill
 them than try to relocate them or be educated about them.  So at the
 rate that we keep  spreading out in urban areas building in their
 environment how long will it be before they (and all the other animals
 are on the endangered lists)????  >>

Not really true.  Skunks (striped, I should say) are perfectly happy to move 
in under people's homes, sheds, wood piles, and more and more people are 
being educated about how to coexist with them, and do so just fine.

One of the reasons we can talk people into leaving them alone IS because we 
control their numbers.  When food supply is high (food left out for pets, 
etc.) they breed more often and have larger litters.  When food supply is 
low, animals may not breed at all or will breed less often.  This is how 
nature works.  Skunks are no exception.

We also tell the callers that trapping doesn't work because more skunks (or 
other animals) will just move in their place.

It is possible to decimate a population in a certain area though, but it is 
only accomplished with a full-scale launch to exterminate them.  Most of the 
time this isn't successful.

As much as I love and protect the skunk I just can't go with this train of 
thought because I know how intelligent and resiliant skunks are.  I have also 
seen a trend for the positive concerning skunks after all the work that I, 
and others, have done for the wild skunk over the last nine years.

The hog-nosed and spotted skunks should be on the threatened list, but 
aren't.  Some states do protect them though, but won't allow rehabbers to 
work with the stripeds.


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