SK: Mycroft gets a taste of his own medicine.

Ken Rosser hepzibah666 at
Sat Mar 22 11:43:16 PST 2003

Went out to the vet to get  Mycroft's
anti-inflammatory.Even manages to get most of the
first dose into him. After it's gone, in about 30
days, Mycroft goes back for a check-up. 

The smaller meals are starting to help, though for a
while he seemed to be thinking his one was reduced
meal was it... But when I got him up for a wash and
medicien this morning, he was overjoyed to find
another little portion waiting for him.

He seems to prefer brocolli to cauliflower, and tofu
is fine for protein, but just the littles sliver of
smoked salmon, and I mean really little, compared to
what I had been giving him, renews his interest in
life and whatever wlse I've dumped on his authentic
Japanese stoneware tea saucer.

I'm not sure if I mentioned... Yes I did mention it in
Mycroft, bloody Mycroft, that his liver and kidneys
are good, so it looks like with care, he'll be an even
longer liver. 

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