SK: too fat or not too fat, that is the question

Wed Mar 5 16:57:57 PST 2003

In a message dated 3/5/03 11:25:57 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
tinabaran at writes:

<< Hi, I need your opinion on this.  Rosco is one of last years kits which 
would make him appx 11 months old.  He weighs 8 1/4 pounds.  Is that allright 
or do I need to cut his food back a little (or alot).  The vet said he looks 
good but I wanted a skunk owners opinion. >>

I've learned that too many vets have very little knowledge about skunks and 
how they should look.  Our vets feel that the leaner to average size skunks 
are best weight.  We really can't answer your question without knowing his 
bone structure.  8 lbs. can be obese in a tiny bone structured male or 
underweight in a huge skunk such as Dillon.  Mochaccino looks good at 10 lbs, 
and is too chubby at 14.  He would be a bag of bones at 8 lbs.


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