SK: too fat or not too fat, that is the question

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Wed Mar 5 12:26:20 PST 2003

Does his skin roll over his feet when he drops down to the ground?
That's a good sign to lay off the nuts and sweets. Our fat ass skunk
goes on a diet when his skin becomes loose!  Ha! 

I'll be waiting for your pleasant reply Shelor...LOL 

PeeOdee the Skunk!

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>Hi, I need your opinion on this.  Rosco is one of last years kits 
>which would make him appx 11 months old.  He weighs 8 1/4 pounds. 
>Is that allright or do I need to cut his food back a little (or 
>alot).  The vet said he looks good but I wanted a skunk owners 

I would think you have to know than his weight....  how BIG is his 
frame?  8/ 1/4 lbs would be fine some and way too much for a smaller 
freamed skunk.

--grandma tracelene

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