SK: color preferences

Tracelene tracelene at
Mon Feb 17 07:38:44 PST 2003

I'm not certain that Caesar pays any attention to color either.  He 
just wants to covered up.  I keep a letter/legal size storate box in 
the solarium filled with a various mixture of towels, sheets, rags, 
etc.  He plows in, tosses out enough so he can squirrel in, and pull 
some back over himself and there he stays till I come to the door. 
When he's in my room and I'm not there he has found a dark corner in 
my closet where he's protected by plastic dress storage bags.

I've come to the conclusion that Caesar's favorite color is food.  I 
thought it was red or pink until I found out that all he was 
interested in was the crumbs of the food on the chest of whichever 
robe I was wearing.
--grandma tracelene

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