SK: RE: Re: losing hair from tail...Why?

Louis Erickson wwonko at
Wed Feb 12 14:51:57 PST 2003

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 CLRemling at wrote:

> Where do I find resubscribe and unsubscribe? It isn't at the end of these,
> all I get is people asking questions about their skunks. I have all this on
> my newletters but I went thru Yahoo to get the skunks questions and answers
> and have no idea how to transfer it to my new screen name. Thanks Carol~

I'll help you with this, in private mail.  No need to keep asking the
whole list.

(The directions are SUPPOSED to be on the bottom of the messages!  When
did that happen?  Eek.  I'll fix that, too.)

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