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Yep, 2 almonds a day. 
And while your feeding your skunks check this out for yourself
 California Almonds and a Healthy Heart 
The Almond Board of California in partnership with the American Heart
Association is proud to present you with this tasty collection of
heart-healthty recipes featuring California Almonds. Almonds are a
natural powerhouse of nutrients. Just a handful (1 ounce, or 20 to 25
almonds) provides 6 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and 85
milligrams of magnesium. And don't forget the potassium, calcium,
phosphorus, and iron also packed into this 164 calories. In addition to
supplying these important nutrients, that same handful of almonds
provides about half the daily requirement of alpha-tocopherol vitamin E,
the form of vitamin E the body prefers. Almonds add crunch and taste to
the following recipes and to all of your favorite dishes. And don't
forget, whole or slivered, roasted or seasoned, almonds make a great
snack! Best wishes for healthy eating, The Almond Board of California.

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Hi all,
When my pet skunks both went through periods of losing the hair on their
tails, I used the "almond" way of helping them grow it back fast.  It
really did work.  
Help me if I am wrong here, but isn't it just "two" almonds per day that
helps?  May sound odd, but it had their nice, fluffy tails back in no
time. Karla S.

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