SK: losing hair from tail...Why?

Tiffany Paulin Schriff at
Mon Feb 10 16:45:49 PST 2003

I'm new to the list and have a question for everyone.  We have a 1 1/2 Year old black and white skunk named pandora.  She's been a great pet and she makes us laugh everyday.  However we recently have had some trouble.  For a while she was tired and wouldn't keep her food down very well.  She is also very finickey and didn't want anything but dog food.  We ignored her protest and switched her diet by taking dog food out completely and went to skunkie delight, this seemed to hel a lot.  But the newest problem is that she's loosing the hair on the end of her tail. Has this happened to anyone else?  And what could it be.  She is now otherwise happy, looks good (except the tail), no weight problem and good energy.  Any clues?

Thanks for the help,
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