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You might try emailing Dr Jerry Dragoo, he is a mephitiologist at the
Univ of NM.  He would know more about what skunks eat in the wild in the
desert areas  jdragoo at
I do know that the wild skunks here will dig out ground bees and
hornets.  People have seen them digging them out and all the while
getting stung but digging and eating them just the same.

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	Speaking of your skunks eating spiders, I have a question. Does
anyone know if scorpions or those big 10 inch long centipedes can hurt
skunks or do the skunks eat them? I have these awful things come into my
house and I always had my house sprayed before I became a skunk mommy.
Now I don't want to chance making my little Chloe sick from the spray,
but at the same time I don't want these things to sting her. They pack a
pretty mean sting and can kill a human baby, the sick or the old. People
who are healthy enough not to die from them wish they would. Thanks for
any and all information any one has on this subject. Carol~ 

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