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Years ago we had a friend that raised a baby groundhog.  Woody was his
name and he grew to be a really big boy.  He was really neat.  His
favorite thing was a handkerchief with perfume on it.  He would sit up
and drink coke from a bottle.  She had him for years.

There was also a couple some years back that would bring in one of their
two groundhogs to the place I worked.  They were pretty big too and they
would give you little kisses.  It was pretty scary the first time what
with those big sharp teeth coming at you. Those guys were really

Those were the only runs I have ever run into as pets.  

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Has anyone ever had a groundhog or bat as a pet?  Are they legal
anywhere and what kind of pets do they make?  I read alot about the
different kind of animals some of you have for pets and was curious
about these two.  I am in PA and I am pretty sure they would not be
legal here.

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