SK: Vomiting dry food

Wed Feb 5 10:07:57 PST 2003

In a message dated 2/5/03 8:39:59 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
igotcatstoo at writes:

<< Rosco will throw up dry dog food if you don't limit the amount.  When he
 is running around the house we have to put the dry food out of reach
 because he eats as much and as fast as he can because he knows we will
 take it away.  He throws it up and then eats his vomit before we can
 clean it.  I know its not a problem with the food, it is how he eats it. >>

When mine get ahold of dry food, they will oftentimes puke it up too....then 
re-eat it.  ewwww  Just this morning I woke up to two piles of upchucked 
kibble from my dog.  ;o\    I even had it soaked in chicken soup.   ....?


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