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Tue May 28 18:38:50 PDT 2002

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jeffry61 at writes:

<< I found out about a relative of mine who took such a wild baby skunk in to 
a vet to get it de-scented.  Due to the vet's ignorance of skunks (an 
otherwise good vet), the baby died. Beware!
 -Jeff >>

Yes, there are vets that will say things like "I will descent your skunk" 
(but does this mean that he/she CAN????) or "I have descented skunks before" 
(but does that mean that it was performed once, a few times, 1000 
times??????) and what was the success ratio??????   I have heard of vets 
killing baby skunks numerous times through inexperience and ignorance of 
their needs and even saw two females that were spayed and descented AT THE 
SAME TIME!!!!!!!!! and were cut wide open (huge U from stem to stern.  One 
almost died the next day.  I had to save it.  They survived but look like 
Frankenstein monsters!  :o(


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