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One way you might get something done is to get all the Skunk lovers/owners in your state to start calling and emailing and letter writing the DNR.  Make sure that the letters are on a positive note and not hateful.  Send out a letter to all owners/prospective owners with a guideline to follow in writing the letters.  

Our state was going to ban skunks coming in from other states but we got together and wrote letters and brought up things the DNR didn't even consider would/could happen and in the end they dropped it.  Be sure you find a contact person there and write directly to him/her so you don't have a lot of letters ending up in different areas of the DNR where they won't do any good.


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I'm from AL and there are no licensed breeders in AL at this time. Since
we can only get skunks from a breeder in the state and no one (including
breeders) can import (including breeding stock) we're kind of in a
no-win situation. We'd love to get the law amended to allow even strict


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