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Isn't it amazing what education does.......I keep telling my students that
every time they ask "when are we going to use this...."  I just tell em it
makes you a better thinker.

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> Hi Shelor and all,
> Sad to say, Colorado is strange in all it's regulations keeping
> "alternative" pets.  I have a very close friend down there who dearly
> loves my lynx and did a years worth of reading and talking to breeders
> about them, thinking of getting a kitten sometime in the future.  Not
> gonna happen :(  You can sure do it if you want to breed them for fur,
> but not if you want ONE as a pet and friend.  She saw my choc. skunk
> when he was with us and it was instant love.  That's when she found out
> she would not be able to have one :(
> South Dakota is pretty easy to deal with if you want an animal such as a
> pet skunk or C. lynx as long as you follow the regulations and keep your
> permits up to date. There are animals that you can't have here, but, by
> reading the list, I'm not sure why anyone would want to!!!
> Maybe, over time, more states will understand that a skunk in the house
> is NOT at the same risk to themselves or us as the ones running around
> in the wild.  Last week was the great "most skunks carry the rabies
> virus" in our local newspaper--comes out every spring--followed within a
> few days with my claim that they are crazy!!!  Of course not in those
> words :)
> We live out in the boonies and when our neighbors found out I had a pet
> skunk of all things, they were all sure the skunk would get loose and
> bite them or their kids because he had no fear of humans--and of course
> give them all rabies!!!  That is until I had each one of them meet--but
> not touch--my skunk :)  End of problem.  They were all sure my C. lynx
> was going to eat their calves and COWS!!!  Once again, they had to meet
> him :)
> Now, a lot of them will stop by to just say hello---well, actually, they
> are looking for the lynx who usually lays in our dining room bay window
> :)
> Once again, it goes right back to educating people about these animals.
> What they no longer fear, they stop threatening to shoot, should the
> animal ever get loose!!  Now, all the neighbors within about 8 miles of
> us has asked what they should do, to help, if one of my "pets" gets
> loose and comes to their house.  Funny, now it's like they wish it would
> happen because they have met my critters and learned just a little bit
> about each of them!!  We also have a new skunk in the neighborhood that
> came from Ruby's last summer--she belongs to a lifelong skunk killer and
> is his only companion!!!  Darn thing is even more spoiled than mine :)
> He also had me help him with three orphaned, wild babies last year, to
> raise them right and return them to the wild :)  As always, the animals
> taught these people themselves :)
> Karla
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